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Tea With SHE: Reclaiming the Feminine

“New Film, As She Is, a hauntingly beautiful query into what the feminine might actually be…” ~ The Shift Network

“Her documentary, “As She Is,” tells the story of her journey to reconnect to the feminine and follow a more authentic path based on the values of the heart.” ~ Marin Independent Journal

“As She Is beautifully presents perspectives around the importance of feminine consciousness as a vital aspect of our life force that we continually negate.” ~ Patheos

“I could not hear, know, or have a direct experience of the feminine from gathering input from others.” ~ Common Ground

“The mind is a thing that separates us, breaking things down from the biggest to the smallest. The heart brings us together.” ~ Women’s Post

“As She Is is a beautiful, heartfelt film that takes viewers on a journey towards healing and wholeness. Highly Recommend.” ~ Parabola

“Femininity’s essence is concerned with giving life force and receiving. It is of a spiritual nature, caring, empathizing, and nurturing, and it is often stifled in order for women to have a place in a masculine space.” ~ Cine In Style

“Beautifully filmed, “As She Is” is a quiet rallying call to meet our current personal and world crises with love and creativity.” ~ Merlian News

“Over and over again I had to let go of the fear of being a failure, the fear that this was a massive ego trip, the fear of being over-exposed and judged and even laughed at. And on top of that I really did not know what I was doing so I just had to trust the process.” ~ Kosmos