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Tea With SHE: Reclaiming the Feminine

“As She Is beautifully presents perspectives around the importance of feminine consciousness as a vital aspect of our life force that we continually negate.” ~ Patheos

“The mind is a thing that separates us, breaking things down from the biggest to the smallest. The heart brings us together.” ~ Women’s Post

“As She Is is a beautiful, heartfelt film that takes viewers on a journey towards healing and wholeness. Highly Recommend.” ~ Parabola

“Her documentary, “As She Is,” tells the story of her journey to reconnect to the feminine and follow a more authentic path based on the values of the heart.” ~ Marin Independent Journal

“Over and over again I had to let go of the fear of being a failure, the fear that this was a massive ego trip, the fear of being over-exposed and judged and even laughed at. And on top of that I really did not know what I was doing so I just had to trust the process.” ~ Kosmos

“I could not hear, know, or have a direct experience of the feminine from gathering input from others.” ~ Common Ground

“Femininity’s essence is concerned with giving life force and receiving. It is of a spiritual nature, caring, empathizing, and nurturing, and it is often stifled in order for women to have a place in a masculine space.” ~ Cine In Style

“New Film, As She Is, a hauntingly beautiful query into what the feminine might actually be…” ~ The Shift Network

“a beautiful award-winning film about our vital connection to the Earth, human relatedness, and the deep resources within.” ~ Heart Matters Radio Show

“Nous n’avons pas valorisé ce type d’accès à la connaissance parce que nous ne comprenons pas son origine…” ~ Carnets de rêves

(Artwork by Maria-Luise Bodirsky)

“The healing and transformational power of the feminine and its potential role in redefining human community in a changing world are at the center of the contemplative, lovingly made documentary As She Is.” ~ ARMORY ARTS

“Simultaneously activist and contemplative, this film investigates the roots of our current cultural crisis and reveals the power of the individual to influence the whole.” ~ CFRO/Conscious Living Radio

“Come along on and rediscover the feminine qualities of the human psyche, qualities neglected and suppressed in the West for millennia and yet essential for our survival and wholeness.” ~ Maryanne Live

“As She Is gently suggests that our future depends on the regenerative power of empathy, intuition, surrender, and love.” ~ CinemaNoesis

“…a beautiful film about our vital connection to the Earth, human relatedness and the deep resources within” ~ Redlands Daily Facts

“…the film examines how masculine drive and individualism can give way to feminine relation and belonging—and redress a human world so out of balance.” ~ Banyen Books

“Can you imagine what might happen if women here and around the world rose up together and used our power of longing to heal the Earth?” ~ Natural Awakenings

“…what could be better than immersing oneself in some form of communion with the Earth itself, and with its pulsing, fecund life force? As She Is looks like an excellent place to start.” ~ Planetwaves

“Beautifully filmed, “As She Is” is a quiet rallying call to meet our current personal and world crises with love and creativity.” ~ Merlian News

“It is a journey to understand, reclaim and live as a woman not defined by what the culture values.” ~ Women Rock Project