As She Is Discussion Questions


1) How does this film make you feel? Not think, but feel? Can you allow yourself the space to feel it?

2) What is your experience of the feminine principle or way of being? How do you see it in your life, in your culture?

3) Why do you think this way of being may have been forgotten or neglected?

4) Name a way you express and live the feminine in your life.

5) Give an example of when you have valued this aspect of your being.

6) Give an example of when this part of you was neglected or held in disrespect. Or when have you disrespected this part of yourself.

7) Where do you think your initial ideas about the feminine come from?

8) What is your experience of listening to yourself and trusting what you feel?

9) How have you seen yourself and the women in your life show contempt for their own feminine? Can you explain how? Or how it made you feel?

10) How does disrespect with the feminine effect your relationship to yourself, the earth, and to other women?

11) Name a feminine power that you have and how it works in the world.

12) What simple things can we do to honor the feminine, bringing this aspect back into our daily lives?

13) What would you like to change in your relationship to the feminine? What simple thing are you willing to do?

14) What is the most urgent and important question that would carry YOU into the center of yourself, into your deepest heart and own knowing about the feminine? (This might be one you keep secret…to yourself and hold in your heart).

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