“The inner way is to hold the awareness of the sacredness in our hearts, to remember and to respect the feminine mysteries of creation—and to deeply listen.”   ~Angela Fischer

Here are some simple practices from a few friends, but we know everyone will find their own way.

We would like to invite you to send us a practice and we will do our best to get it posted…
Please make sure it is in the first person….what you do!

Share your practice with us here.


“I connect with myself through art, through creation. I close my eyes and allow images to come, and when they are more clearly defined I paint what I see, without judgment.”
~Julie Daley

“I take a moment to slowly breathe in, and move my awareness from my feet to the top of my head through the front of my body ~ and then slowly I breathe out, moving attention from the crown of my head down to my feet.” ~Nubia Teixeira

“In a quiet place or in the midst of my daily activities, I take a few minutes to become utterly silent, listen deeply, and witness what is there in the present moment.” ~Mary Saunders

“I allow my body to connect directly with nature. I walk barefoot, run my fingers over the petals of flowers, feel the touch of wind and sun.” ~ Mary Reynolds Thompson