This film project is about a personal and collective journey towards wholeness…
to reclaim, value and live the feminine aspect of ourselves.


We had the feminine way and then masculine way came and now we need both ways
of understanding life, both ways of perceiving, both ways have a place
because it is both ways that make us whole.

–  Alex Warden

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 We do not have time to continue to be unconscious and as such we are in contact again with the feminine because we have to reflect on what we are meeting in our world.

–  Orland Bishop

This is how feminine power works. It transforms through love, through nourishment. It transforms through receptivity to life…because if we can’t take anything in, then we can’t feel anything.
– Hilary Hart

I think I needed to learn the buoyancy of water itself which is the feminine ability of nature,
of the universe to carry our lives.

– Jerry Wennstrom

When you have power within, you can use it in a way that is not only beneficial to you,
but for others. You have tapped in to Shakti, the feminine life force, which
transmits itself, like waves of energy that come out of you.

– Elinor Gadon

Individuals can hold something sacred, they can revere the feminine principle within themselves…in their bodies if they are women and in their souls if they are men.

-Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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Lion and Lady artwork by Jackie Morris.