Being Said

“AS SHE IS, by Megan McFeely and soundtrack by Jami Sieber, is a musing on feminine consciousness, a hauntingly beautiful query into what the feminine might actually be. I found myself entranced, drawn into the experience of that which is really indefinable, and at the same time grounded in the necessity of exploration itself.”

~ Joanna Macy, environmental activist, author, and Buddhist scholar

“Moving and inspiring — and troubling in just the right ways — As She Is takes us along on Megan McFeely’s personal journey as she rediscovers and reclaims the feminine qualities of the human psyche, qualities neglected and suppressed in the West for millennia and yet essential for our survival and wholeness in this time of global crises and opportunities. A brave and vulnerable celebration, this artful film gracefully blends story and conversation, amplifying each with stirring music and stunning images of our wildly creative planet. While courageously revealing herself as she is, Megan at the same time summons within each of us the genuine feminine as she is.”

~ Bill Plotkin, founder of the Animas Foundation and author of Soulcraft and Wild Mind

“’As She Is’ begins by following the thread of one woman’s story as she seeks meaning in her life. We witness as her story becomes intertwined with the stories of others, with the story of our fragile planet and its place in the mysteries of the cosmos. The result is an intricate tapestry of feminine wisdom and beauty, both intimate and vast.”

~ Kathe Schaaf, Co – Founder, Women of Spirit and Faith

“Your film is really beautiful and profound. I think people watching it will gain a really clear image of what the Feminine is and  how it is absent or included in their lives.  It is an excellent counter-balance to that madness that is so much in the American and, sadly, the European psyche as well as in the Muslim one. My gratitude for what you have given to the world,”

~ Anne Baring, Author and founding member of Rising Women, Rising World

“There is perhaps no more pressing need in the world today than to re-awaken the healing and transformation power of the feminine. As She Is beautifully portrays the nature of this feminine energy, how it has been repressed in cultures around the world, and how its emergence can set a new direction for the human community.  The film inspires us to reflect deeply on how each of us, male and female alike, can help restore the feminine to its rightful role so that we can evolve a more balanced human society in harmony with the natural world.”

~ Dena Merriam, Founder, Global Peace Initiative of Women

“As She Is, is a mesmerizing movie which took me deep inside myself and sent me back full of energy and hope. While many women’s movements around the world work to change ideologies that demean and demonize women, they overlook the divine gifts given to women as co-creators of life, and the love and compassion that comes with such a gift. This film shows that awakening the feminine from within is a pressing need for men and women alike, so that the world to come back into balance. I hope that everyone can watch this film as it provides an example of awakening the feminine from within.”

~ Dr. Aliaa R. Rafea, Professor of Anthropology at Ain Shams Women’s University, Cairo

“As we are forced to come to grips with the personal and collective destruction wrought by an overemphasis on the masculine, we confront a most consequential decision. What is the world community going to do after we recognize the failure of the domination paradigm? AS SHE IS helpfully points to the healing power of the feminine to redress a world out of balance. Its message serves as a wake-up call for both men and women. But more important, it offers a contemplative glimpse into what it means to connect with the feminine potential that exists within us all.”

~ Matthew T. Lee, Professor of Sociology and author of The Heart of Religion

“A True soul searching and soul reclaiming film of the heart. It gives us much to reflect upon and then challenges us to leap beyond the limitations of fear. This film is intended to restore the balance that we all possess within. Megan McFeely has done a beautiful job of awakening a deeper sense of what we ought to be as women and as one humanity, through the power of love and authenticity manifested in this film.”

~ Sharmin Ahmad, peace activist, author and playwright The Rainbow in a Heart

“This film is a meditation on the feminine with stunning images, contemplative conversations beautifully supported by a fine score.  Many of us are seeking to understand the feminine and what it means in our lives. AS SHE IS makes it clear that we are not alone.”

~ Meryl Marshall-Daniels, Former Chair and CEO of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

“As She Is” is a beautiful, heartfelt film that takes viewers on a journey towards healing and wholeness. Highly recommended.”

~ Tracy Cochran, Parabola Magazine

“AS SHE IS, Megan McFeely’s documentary film, is clarion cry for an emerging essence of feminine and nurturant healing. Honest, raw, open and effective, this film is a must see!”

~ Dr. Laurie Ann Levin, Author of Life in Life